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Mercedes Truck Italia – HydrOne delivery

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Sanitizing with digital

Ecolinegroup has realized for Caldini Trasporti a special preparation for the cleaning that has obtained the incentives Industry 4.0

The electrical system is lighter and more effective than the hydraulic one

The history of Caldini Trasportidi Manciano in the province of Grosseto, shows the evolution and transformation from a monovehicular company, created for the transport of liquid waste, to a multi-service company that adopts the latest technologies. Not only on board the trucks, but also in the management of work, so as to obtain the contributions provided by the package Industry 4.0.

In 1977 Roberto Caldini started to work in the maintenance of the unloading networks and in the transport of special non-hazardous waste, even if it was with the entrance of his son Federico and his wife Marta Broggio, in 2014, that the company increased the park and exponentially expanded its services. We soon realized that the initial activities had become unprofitable and it was therefore essential to expand the offer, to ensure the survival of the business,” explains Federico Caldini. After looking around a little, we gradually entered the fields of maintenance, cleaning, street furniture and sanitation”. And it is precisely in order to carry out these new services in the most efficient and productive way that he launched a project at the forefront of his sector. Observing the first Italian installation of electric self-purging, installed on a Mitsubishi Fuso Canteer from the Marche region of Ecolinegroup for the Vaccarini company of Giulianova (Teramo), Caldini decided to make the leap in quality by adopting this technology that exploits the action of high temperature water to clean and vaporize. We needed a larger vehicle with greater capacity and that offered the possibility of having more operators work at the same time; for this reason we chose the Mercedes Benz Ateco, which also has good characteristics of body and handling. The vehicle was delivered in 2019. The use of hot water with temperatures above 100 degrees allows you to perform work that would be impossible otherwise, except by using polluting chemicals. In this way you can also sanitize the operating theatres of hospitals or thoroughly clean food systems and, again, intervene on any washable surface (even wood, plastic or glass) without risking to ruin it. another important use, which expands the range of our services, is the maintenance and cleaning of urban furniture, which includes the removal of graffiti on the kings more operators at the same time;

Caldini’s Atego also relies on another innovation, this time digital, which has allowed the Tuscan company to obtain the benefits provided for in the Industry 4.0 plan, which are normally not intended for industrial vehicles. “Ecolinegroup has equipped its truck with a telematic module that communicates in real time with the company’s headquarters,” explains Caldini Trasporti. When a customer orders an intervention, a special work sheet is created on the company computer that contains all the information relating to the activity to be carried out, which is then transmitted directly to the truck.

Vapor at 109 degrees

The electric drive of the equipment allows to heat the water and to produce vapor up to 109 degrees.

The vehicle can also work with the engine of the vehicle off, connecting to the electricity grid of the place where it operates or using its own batteries.

Efficiency and connectivity

The operator reads the instructions on a display and then, at the end of the work, the vehicle system collects data on the activity carried out, such as the position, the time taken and the consumption of water and diesel. Once the intervention is completed, the operator sends them to the office, where they are stored and sent to the management software to issue the invoice. This telematic application, in addition to simplifying the organization of work and optimize the activity of operators has opened the doors of the company to the contributions provided by Industry 4.0. This is the direction that we intend to take for the development of our company” concludes the owner of Caldini transports.

Always connected

The vehicle is connected to the company for the exchange of information on the works. The display is used to read and enter data.

In another photo, the back of the purge fluid tank.

The equipment allows the lances of three employees to be used at the same time.

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Smart Mobility certified Industry 4.0

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