KeTaino is a fluid “atomization” system implemented with continuous compressed air supported by an external compressor (at least 2hp 6 bar).
In combination with sanitizing solutions, KeTaino is a tool for Sanitization and Disinfection thanks to the immediate production of Fog (mist) in the air and the surrounding environment.

For excellent results we suggest the combined use of KeTaino with the sanitizing product Active H.A.C.C.P. with Bio-Ethanol & Quaternary Ammonium salts.

Active Haccp

Rapid sanitizer “Haccp”

Hygienizing detergent designed for use in H.A.C.C.P. environments.
Suitable for quick cleaning without rinsing and sanitizing surfaces (hard and washable) intended for contact with food (slicers, kitchen counter, fridge…) or the person. Does not contain perfumes. It doesn’t generate olfactory alterations on food.

Seven Day

Daily sanitizing limescale

Scented anti-scale detergent with strong sanitizing activity for contact surfaces. Ideal for daily cleaning of sanitary fixtures, taps, sinks, upholstery and shower cubicles.
Anticorrosive, it prevents the formation of deposits and opacity and ensures a surprising polishing effect.

Sangel WC

Toilet and sanitary gels

Specific detergent for the inside of the toilet with strong anti-scale activity and high sanitizing and deodorizing power.
If used regularly, it prevents the formation of bacteria and opacity on the walls of the w.c.
Persistent pleasant scent. H.A.C.C.P. compatible.

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